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Letters About Literature 2004-2005

Competition Level IV

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Dallas, PA 18612

Dear Dr. Seuss,

I will eat them in a box. I will eat them with a fox. I will eat them on the train. I will eat them in the rain. I will eat them in a house. I will eat them with a mouse. I will eat them on a boat. I will eat them with a goat. I will eat them Sam I Am. I will eat green eggs and ham.

The simplicity of these words has carried me through my years of life following the very first time I read your book Green Eggs and Ham. Thank you, Dr. Seuss for giving me the key to survival in this life with characters who did not possess a particular race and that could be related to by any person of any race. Thank you for teaching me the simple philosophy of judging a person based upon their character and the inner being, not by what they may look like on the outside.

Thank you for instilling in me the value of trying new things so that I could experience essential change throughout life. Your book means more to me than simply the first book I can recall reading. It exemplifies everyday life and interaction among every human being.

This book by you, Dr. Seuss, was one of the first works that piqued my interest in poetry. Even though the language was very simplistic, it created a desire within me to make a new endeavor and see what I could comprise. Because of the lessons that you've illustrated through this book, I have since comprised many poetic works of my own. In recalling my own life, I find myself relating most to the...