Letters of John and Abigail Adams- A Love Story

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?The Letters of John and Abigail Adams? are a refreshing eye-opener in contrast to the stereotypes and expectations of their day. After reading the correspondence of John and Abigail, a new light is brought upon their relationship and it reveals not only a loving and committed couple, but lets the reader view through a window in an important time in America?s history.

In a time when women were considered second class citizens and put without a formal education, Abigail Adams was an exception. Her father assured that his children would all be educated. In Abigail?s letters, it is evident of her training because of the way she writes.

John and Abigail were a true love story and a great match. He was a strong figure in our early American history and she was a strong women who advocated for women?s rights. Abigail not only ran the household while John was away, but was a strong supporter of emancipation and kept her husband up-to-date on the politics at home.

The letters chronicle the passion that these two had for each other. It is a stereotype of their time that the woman of the house was to sit back and the husband was the strictly the enforcer and master. In this marriage, that was not so. For more than a decade, John and Abigail were away from each other while John traveled across America and abroad. During this time, many letters were exchanged and the loneliness of separation was evident.

Abigail writes in one of the first letters to John, ?I want much to hear from you... The little flock remember Pappa, and kindly wish to see him. So does your most affectionate? (Adams 685).

John writes to Abigail in 1776, ?This has been a dull day to me: I...