Letters from a WWI soldier

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August 11th 1914 13:13pmMum, Dad and FrankieAs I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the back of a truck, so sorry if my handwriting is unreadable, but with all this bumping about, it’s rather hard to keep a steady hand. Hope you are all ok, tell Stella I love her, and I miss her. I miss you all in fact, so terribly and I haven’t been away that long! I’m not sure how I will ever cope! I should hopefully be home by Christmas, I’ll bring you back something special Frankie. We’ve been travelling all day. At the moment I’m not entirely sure where we are. All I know is we should be there by morning. I can’t wait to finally be there, fighting for my nation. I feel so proud to be a part of this, I feel so proud to be British! It’s a privilege, an honour, and something that I hope will be passed through the family, generation after generation.

I’ll write to you all again soon, we’re about to get dinner - Pea soup. Not quite your Sunday Lunch Mum, but it’s worthy of my growling stomach at present.

Don’t miss me too much will you?Love Peter.

August 18th 1914 115:25pmMum, Dad and Frankie,So far, things have not been as I imagined. I’m looking forward to the day that I eventually get to fight on the front line. So far though, there has not been much in the way on ‘fighting’. We’ve been in the trench for a week now, and I can safely say, I set my hopes way to high! But I shall not complain. I wasn’t expecting much better. I’ve been on guard duty these past few days. The rest of the time I spend here in the trench, listening to the other soldier’s stories of back home. I think I could write a book of the things they’ve told me. It’s really interesting, listening to other peoples lives, what they’ve went through, and seeing how similar they are to you. It passes the time away too!Hope things are ok at home.

Love Peter.