Levels of Planning

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Levels of Planning at the University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix was one of the first accredited universities to offer online college education with complete degree programs via the Internet, besides on campus classes. University of Phoenix's (UOP) commitment to educational excellence and unsurpassed student service has made them the leading accredited university offering online courses in the United States.

UOP, for many years, has become the trendsetter as an educational institution. They hold and create the standard that other Private educational institutions must meet in order to survive. We have seen certain trends such as offering a variety of study situations to the adult community. The UOP has carved their niche in the adult education department. At the onset, the University was an on-line institution only; now the university offers on-line, partial on-line, and on ground class work to accommodate those individuals who desire to attain their degree with convenience.

As trends have changed, the University has kept up with what the adult education world has come to desire. Due to the way the University operates, it has held its ground for nearly 30 years now. As times change so does the UOP. The university stays up to date with the most advanced and effective educational tools available that allows the staff to do their job, The UOP is strong when it comes to applying a SWOTT analysis. It is safe to say that the university can be proud of what they have done if everyone else is trying to do it just like them.

A SWOTT analysis looks at future possibilities for the organization through a systematic approach of introspection into both positive and negative concerns. In order to be most effectively used, a SWOTT analysis needs to be flexible. As can be seen,