Levi's marketing strategy in relation to Type I Jeans model.

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The Marketing Plan.

1. Executive summary.

2. SWOT analysis.

3. Objectives and issues.

4. Marketing strategy.

5. Marketing mix - 4 P's - product, price, place, and promotion.

6. Action programmes.

7. Appendices.

1. Executive summary.

1. Analyse Levi's targeting of the jeans market with respect to:

- product

- price

- place

- promotion

2. Using independent quantitative survey to analyse and compare the validity of Levi's marketing strategy in respect of market segmentation and promotion appeal.

3. Analyse and comment on the strategy of Levi's and its approach in maintaining leadership in the jeans market.

2. SWOT analysis.

INTERNAL - Strengths

Position: Levi's has a market leading position, Levi's is the most named brand of jeans bought or received in the last 2 years - 34% of men and 24% of women in a purchase survey.

Brand Image: Huge promotion (August 2000) for 'Engineered' jeans (LEJ) positioned denim as 'cool' once again.

Brand Image: Levi's pioneer position generates trust and loyalty through establishment

Distribution Control: EU law(*) prevents the import of cheaper goods from 'gray' markets outside the EU, without the 'brand' owners' permission. Therefore retailers such as Tesco can not sell imported Levi's at cheaper prices.

Innovative Ability: Levi's definite talent to subtly change styles and create unique selling points parallels the spectrum of the segmented market (see *1)

Levi's in the midst of a tough market: Internal productivity improvements are required in tough markets through well targeted investment in better merchandising systems, stock control and forecasting systems. Levi's supply chain developments have replicated these requirements. As well as improving controls Levi's has also shortened the time between stock ordering and supply

EXTERNAL - Opportunities

Segmentation: The market has become segmented into a spectrum (*1) of looks, fits, cuts and finishes. This gives...