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With the technology that is coming out today, it is not suprizing to learn that Liberate

Technology has come up with a way to integrate television and the internet. The product that will be

hitting the market in the near future is called iTV, which is an abbreviation for Interactive television.

People will be able to plump themselves on the couch, press a few buttons and order television programs, movies, video games, household items, cars, and other content via high-speed telephone lines, delivered whenever they want to view them.

Interactive television is the ability literally to interact with the television set just like we do with a home computer on the Internet. With the advent of fiber optics and satellite communications, the communications industry will be able to transfer megabytes of information in fractions of a second. This will allow every American access to the information super highway. With Interactive television, virtually everyone can advertise and sell products to anyone with access.

It will allow people to shop for clothes, food, or any other product they desire from home and then have it delivered to them later. If this type of an interactive television is implemented, we might not have commercials interrupting our TV shows every ten minutes. Which sounds good at first, but instead they would be integrated into the shows themselves. Instead of commercial breaks we might have one long commercial with entertainment breaks. This is why advertisers and big corporations are pushing so hard for interactive television. It allows for limitless possibilities in buying and selling. Some of the investors in Liberate include: Acer, America Online, Comcast, Cox Communications, General Instrument, Hambrecht & Quist, Lucent Technologies, MediaOne, Netscape, Nintendo, Oracle, Rogers Communications, Sega, Shaw Communications, Sony, and Sun Microsystems.

Right now the Liberate Technology...