"From Liberation to the Pursuit of Justice."

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Crazy from the events past,

Hoping it was a dream, but it never passed

Freed and able to leave,

Finally their souls could breathe

Something sweet turned so sour,

No one believed the stories of the long hours

Scenes of death and horror,

Chilled your bones to the core

Events seemed to no longer be true,

Even the traces of black and blue

No one could find truth in the murders and crime,

It was only believed in time

Nazis fled the scenes,

Left to die, parents and teens

Fleeing the mess they made,

The memory can never fade

Visible ribs from starvation,

Death camps destroyed the nation

Care came too late for some of the ill,

The empty space in the nations heart will never fill

Scarred souls from the sites,

Torn from all their rights

Seeking justice is what they'll do,

And let everyone know what they've been through

Some Nazis left without a trace,

But they had to live with guilt on their face

Payback has come to German soldiers and will remain,

For the Jews who've suffered this pain

Many lived with memories torn into parts,

But the dead will live on in our hearts.