A libertarian point of view

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I find it difficult to pin down or sum up my positions on things into one easy description or

theology. I definitely am libertarian most frequently, I tend to go the way of individual

rights and small government. However I am not strictly libertarian. I believe that small

government is the best government. I believe that most people are intelligent enough to think

and fend for themselves. Government shouldn't involve themselves in that which can be

taken care of by individuals or their families or communities. The most important thing that

a government can do is protect the right s of the individual. A government should reserve

the rights of the individual in any case provided their actions are not harmful to others. I

believe that along with individual rights and small government there are other important

things that government should keep in mind. I believe in a strong sense of community, this

prevents the need for government to intercede in taking care of individuals.

Also very

important in my theology is a strong belief in the laws of capitalism. The laize' faire outlook

on the economy is very important because it lets the individual determine not only their own

fate but also that capitalism allows the individual or a community to change their

environment around them. Whether or not the government is involved less important to me

than whether or not the people affected can handle things without the government.

Health care is one of those all important issues that affects absolutely everyone. With

how important health care is to the entire nation it isn't something that should be left to the

government to operate. Health care affects every baby that is born and everyone needs it at

some point in their lives. This...