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Life, liberty, peruse of happiness was why a war was fought on the front lines of many peoples homes. Many people thought that freedom was not worth fighting a war for, people who were with Britain were called loyalist. The Revolutionary War was unpopular war with many people in England. This is why the king George the 3rd had to hire paid soldiers called mercenaries. Those who thought it was worth it were patriots, these people wanted a life free of a tyrant a dictator who always wanted to benefit from the colonist's profit king George the 3rd. Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of independence with the intentions of letting the whole world know that the 13 colonies removed themselves from Britain. Thomas Jefferson I bet spent many countless hours after hours scratching his head think about what ideas could form the Declaration of Independence, with his pen he scratched the paper with those ideas of a free nation under God with life, liberty, and justice for all that could never be taken away by no one.

But the rights that Thomas Jefferson described in his document did not belong to all Americans. To many southerns these rights were only to citizens white male slave owners not slaves and were never intend to be for them. Thomas Jefferson and other early leaders believed that slavery was a great wrong in the eyes of people and of God. "I tremble for my country when I remember God is just," Jefferson said. As for George Washington he wrote, "I principled against this kind of traffic in the human specices."But that wasn't the case for southerns who depended on their slaves to produce products, but when Eli Whitney the inventor of the cotton gin came along many people hoped that slavery would slowly die out. That was the case for some time but still many slave owners profited it from there slaves. Although it was costly to maintain slaves because a slave had to be well feed to be able to work in hard manual labor. As American moved to the west coast to settle into new territories people spoke their minds they disagreed openly about slavery.

Congress erupted into angry debates when Missouri and Texas applied to enter the Union as states where slavery was allowed. Slavery is not right said representatives from the north which fought saying that slavery was not right and should not extend into new territories. Those from the south insisted that people in each state had a right to decide about slavery for themselves. A free soil candidate which later became a Republican candidate which was the first of its kind Abraham Lincoln wins the election of 1860 the southern states see this as a good time to secede from the Union. One year into his term as president a war breaks out. It was April 12, 1861 when the confederates attack Fort sumter and all breaks loose. For the first two years the southern armies seemed to match that of the north nothing seemed like if the fight would never stop. During the next summer of 1863 the north starts to worry about a Confederated general by the name Robert E. Lee and his rebel army moving into to the north. Lee's intention for this was not to attack and capture cities along the east coast but it was to scare the north into giving up the war. Lee pushed his tired troops farther into the north with his plan of making the union army think that they would attack the capital soon the, Union took up positions around the capital to defend it from its enemy. Lee crossed Maryland and attacked Pennsylvania instead of the capital, General George G. Meade a prominent leader for the north took his blue coats and prepared to take on Lee when he learned that Lee's troops were all over the place he decide it would be the perfect time to plan his move. Lee planed his next move carefully trying to figure out what way was out for his troops, general Meade was anxious about making his next move to figure out where was the rest of Lee's army he exacuted perfectly. He set up two small infantry units to keep watch over the small and quite town of Gettsyburg. On July 1, 1863 the union solders by chance spotted the confederate men moving closer towards the town of Gettysburg.