liberty of the person in society

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Liberty of the person in society

John B. Chethimattam


Liberty and freedom are complementary terms. Liberty of a person cannot be taken lightly. Liberty plays a major role in the social context .Freedom is being responsible. Being responsible makes a person happy and creative in his/her environment. His/her psychological needs, concrete cultural requirements , the political consequences , real conditions of life and normative factors that makes a distinction between freedom and slavery, are requirements of a person's liberty in the society. It will be discussed under the main headings.


What is psychological liberty deal with? It deals with the persons relationship with others in the community, whether he finds himself equal with his peer group in a mutual free give -and-take or restrained in his communion with others. A person can be in a prison but still he can feel inner freedom but his condition cannot be termed as liberty.

Man needs freedom. Every person has freedom to choose between right and wrong by means of which he/she can gain or dispose. The basic necessities of man is food, clothing, shelter and spiritual needs. A person in the prison has to be a subject to the authority always though he enjoys food, clothing, shelter this implies that there is lack of liberty. Proper awareness of choice form another aspect of psychological liberty. Spiritual freedom can be attained only when he/she is sufficiently taken care of and prevented from external and internal conflicts. Psychological freedom is the goal of liberty in the society. People in the society should create an atmosphere where each individual can be themselves and free from selfishness of people.


Liberty of a person is affected by culture. Culture is manmade development where each cultural ethics is different. The...