Licensed to parent

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Licensed to Parent

While having kids and raising a loving and caring family is still the dream of millions of Americans, I fear that our insight and ideals, of what being dedicated and able parents is, has taken a nasty belly flop as of late. For instance, in the last few years we, as a society, have witnessed an unprecedented amount of school shootings, crime rates are as high as ever, and the number of children growing up in single parent homes is at a record high. It is my belief that all of these unfortunate circumstances are due to the poor quality of parenting currently plaguing our country. I believe that we have come to a point in time where someone needs to step in and take action against the unwilling, out for themselves, selfish people in our society. It is also my belief that too many people are having children while lacking both the skills and resources that is required to successfully raise a child

To begin, I would like to throw a solution out that some might not only call outlandish and communist, but unconstitutional; licensed parenting.

The whole notion behind licensing people first in order to have a baby can be seen as an invasion of privacy. I am aware of this, but if we require three months of training and a license to those who wish to drive a vehicle, then shouldn't we also hold people accountable for something far more fragile and important; a human life. Someone might ask how to go about implementing something like this? Simple, the biggest deterrent that usually faces world wide social reform, like something that I am proposing, is funding. Funding, in this case, is at the expense of the "would be" parents. For instance, if Susy...