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Life How can you describe life? Life can be brought realization in many descriptive ways. First off, I believe you can compare life to riding a four wheeler. "How" you ask? Well in life you have many dead ends. For example, you might want to go to a concert but not have any money to go see your favorite band in the world. When you ride your Four Wheeler you make your own path. Who knows where it will take you, you may come to a dead end. So you pick you wheeler up again (yourself) and you reorient yourself with a new path to get back on track. Sometimes you will fall down in life. This can happen when one of your family members dies. This is not a happy moment in your life. Neither is falling down a cliff when you are riding. You may get injured, but you will recover.

And when you recover, you try to get over the mistake you made and try to do it again. You can't let one situation get you down and stop your life from moving on and getting better. Riding a Four Wheeler can also be a very dangerous game to play with your life. It is your choice. It is also your choice to play games with your life. For example, if some one in their life wishes to play with guns, they are playing a dangerous game with their life. Similar to riding, someone can tell you to be careful. Even though you may know what you are doing, there are still many chances.

Can you relate your life to a snowflake? Many people would turn to this analogy and comment "what does a snowflake have to do with my life?" Well it does. I see a snowflake as this little beautiful object floating through never ness. As people we are all different; just like each snowflake. There is not one flake that is exactly the same. Similarly, no one person is exactly the same. Each one of us is a beautiful object in a bigger world. Even though we fall from different places, we can all convene at one place. We can work together to make a whole. Have you ever seen an untouched field of snow drifts, and valleys? I have. It is one of the most beautiful sights to see. It is also beautiful to see all different types of people working together to make one place seem amazing. Did you know that snow can create different colors in the snow by having a type of bacteria in it? It is true. This is just like all the different colored people together in one place. It is beautiful.

What else is better to describe life then Legos®. A child's play thing is very remote, you would think. When you see a child playing with these toys, you never see them finish what they originally wanted to build. Just like life; you may think you want to do something with your life, but everything seems to turn out different. Every time you start a new project you should think of all the possibilities you can accomplish. I child does the same thing. When I was a child I played with these Legos® all the time. I would get a new set and the first thing I would do is build the entire model. After building it, the model would sit around for about a week or so. Then I would get board with this design and rip it apart. Afterwards, I would create something else off the basis of the original design. I would end up liking this one much better then what the creators gave me to do. If I didn't like this new design, I would start over. This is like your life because no matter what you build up in the beginning, there is always a possibility of changing your mind over and over again. As I see it, children are the gateway to our future, even if the children are only playing with Legos® for fun. We should learn how easily children can change there mind, but yet stick with it until they find out they don't like it completely. You never know if the thing you don't like can change into something amazing.

Life can be intriguing like music. Some people say music is the basis for a good soul in life. Well let us think about this. Most music has a set pattern in which musicians follow. Sometimes you don't know where the music will end up. In life you can have a set pattern to follow, or you don't know where you'll end up. Because I personally like to choose not knowing where I'm going to end up, I would rather live life to the fullest knowing that I could go anywhere in life. Other people chose to follow a conformed life, chosen by what other people do. What if many oppositions open up and you are following a conformed life, meaning being afraid of changing. How about being afraid to be an individual. Well music is somewhat like this. When you listen to music, some composers like to follow the conformed model of music. Vivaldi, for example, has most of the same chordal changes through out the entire peace. He does this so people can understand his work. As for Beethoven, he has many different chordal changes in his works of art. This makes the listener chose there own way of hearing the peace. I'm not saying every person conforms to a certain life style; just to keep your mind open to all.

Can we see how life can relate to many things? I can. If there was one chance when I could say the things I have thought about, in public. If I was given a chance to speak, I would explain everything on a personal level. From a broad statement, I hope everyone who reads this essay would have a better understanding about life; on a personal level. Everyone tries to understand life, and there really isn't a true explanation for life. If you think riding a four wheeler will help you understand life, Follow your belief through something you understand. If you think a snowflake can represent a group of our nations, so be it. If playing with Legos® or listening to music helps you understand life"¦follow the dreams you seek. Everyone has their way to interpret this tasteful subject. I have mine and you; yours. Time is only a measurement; live life to the fullest.