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A thing that once lived,

An object that had a chance to change,

A world that doesn't acknowledge the beauty within,

A world that is so clichéd that it dies with each sighs on it,

Can't move on from the stupid insignificant cycles it moves in

Pathetic existences moving in circles...

Just circles,

Circles of correction,

Circles of nothing

Circles of Bull Shit...

But a circle is a circle

So why does it matter what type it is?

Circles are death,

The world is death,

Searching is death,

Death is rebirth?

Maybe yes,

But you can be born a million times and never make a difference,

Never try to be yourself.

Are you in a circle?

Are you perfect like the circle?

Will you follow the circles?

Anything but a circle,

Walk straight!

Walk proud!

Search for something outside the circles...

Search for death.

Embrace death,

Be death,

Be more then death...

Swim in a sea of life

Drink the juice of gods,

Drink the juice that wasn't what it was...

But if it wasn't what it was

Then what was it?

Was it better then what you thought it was?

Or was it worse?

Was it better then the blood?

The blood of life?

The blood of what?

Life is artificial

Life is a joke

Life is a parasite

Life is a circle

Fuck the circle

Fuck the world

Fuck this

Fuck that

Fuck it all

It isn't worth it anymore

Just be what they want you to be

You're too weak to be anything else...