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Family, relationships, love are these the building blocks of our society as a whole? There is so much structure in not only the American society but the world as a whole. By that I mean most people grow up with the dream of the classic American family. Which is basically the same everywhere you go; a husband and wife are together with one or more children that they give all of their love and experience to.

A lot of things play a part in how a marriage functions. Firstly I will discuss some reasons why two people get married and why they stay together good and bad. The actual legal form of marriage is used for superficial purposes only. It is done to combine two family names into one last name and also to announce to the family, friends and anyone who it may concerns that these two people are taken and devoted to one another.

A ring is used to symbolist this. Another reason would be for financial reasons because of all of the divorces in our culture the courts need a document to determine who gets what when the couple separates. There can be a loving "marriage" without a legal document binding the two. Many different cultures don't have a government that legally binds the two.

I will start off at a logical beginning, which is actually meeting someone and falling in love with that person. I feel that every person has a soul mate, if you want to call it that, in this world and that fate will bring them together. The decisions that I make decide whom this is and if I ever get to be with that person. In life there reasons for everything that happens whether it be something bad that happens like in...