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Why does the world have to be so uptight?

I've been fighting a fight all my life

Getting kicked even when I do what's right,

And all I have to show are bruises and pains,

Nothing was ever gained,

I've never moved forward, always back,

I've never got to see opportunity

Even through a small crack,

Nothing ever came my way,

Nothing ever stayed,

I would be given wings

And dropped like a stone,

Falling till I hit the ground

And crack all my bones,

Condemned forever to lose,

Everything the oh mighty lord choose,

People are always telling me to go with the flow,

But their life is a wrapped box

Topped with a bow,

Mines is a smashed up case

A splintering crate,

Nothing ever came to me free,

I had to work for everything in my life,

Getting just enough

To survive,

Sometimes I feel like quitting the game,

Every day

It's the same,

Sadness and depression around each corner,

Worrying like there's raiders waiting at the border,

But I hang on and still fight,

Hope to someday see the light,

I battle through the day and into the night,

Just to see the beacon of light.