Life in 1999

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What has happened to the world today?
2/3 of Americans is either bisexual or gay
The average age to get pregnant is now 15
And in school we are learning to be mean
Drugs are going around in elementary school
The kids that do the drugs think they are cool
When you watch the news, there is a war
Kids think its ok to steal from the store
What are we teaching the kids of today?
Because the lessons they are learning are not ok
13 is the age most kids begin to smoke
Elementary kids are now doing coke
It is now natural for a husband to cheat
He and his mistress always planning when to meet
Teen death's are a big factor in life
A 10-year-old cut his teacher up with a knife
3/5 of teens already have at least one baby
Where is the boyfriend of this lady?
He's out getting another girl in bed
His parents wish they were dead
60% of Americans have AIDS today
Mothers are getting their babies taken away
None of this stuff is right, at all
So why isn't God thinking "To hell with y'all"