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"character is much easier kept than recovered" said Thomas Paine. Once a person has been seen to do something wrong, it will be glued to the peoples mind and all the good they have done will be a distant memory. Our own character and individuality is the biggest element of identity. Like Tyrone, people shouldn't judge others or themselves based on their outsides. My first poem talks about how passion naturally comes to us but the process of knowing it is a long journey. My second poem talks about individuality and how being an individual is easy to want, but hard to attain. My last poem talks about emotions. There are more than a half of thousand different words in English that can describe every emotion and we have over 40 muscles in our faces to express them. The poem also talks about what how emotions and feelings are center of our life and how they effect us and our personality.


We all have passions,

Some burning some bright,

we all have a passion,

which at least one person won't like.

Some like dancing,

singing is a passion for few,

so many passions,

many people on the cue.

Our passion helps us,

our passion describes us,

they bring us down,

and they bring us right back up.

Getting knocked is hard,

getting back up is harder,

our passion helps us,

It's an outlet for our anger.

Our character,

Our personality,

our action,

create our passion.


We all are so different,

yet we all are so alike,

we all seem so different,

yet we all seem so alike.

Maya Angelo said it,

so did Martin Luther king,

we are together,

on our own.

We sometimes misunderstand,

we forget who we are,

we all want to be different,

we forget...