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Material things, everyone has them, but they aren't the most important things to have in life. Sure it's nice to have a car, new clothes, television, and a stereo but what if we didn't have those things? Some people would probably go crazy not being able to watch "Friends" every Thursday night, or not being able to drive their car to the mall to buy new clothes. Boredom would soon set in and they would be forced to find something constructive to do with their time.

However, considering the desirability of these luxuries, I find that they are, in reality, at the bottom of my list.

Above these things I would choose family and friends and everything that comes along with them. Things such as love, which makes me feel safe, secure, happy and cared for.

Compassion, to know that people who love me will be there for me always.

Not just in the good moments but even when I am having a bad day. Memories and secrets shared, that very few know, makes friends even more special. Jokes and laughter and even the occasional arguments are a part of the baggage that comes along with family and friends . When the disagreement is resolved, and apologies are made, there is an even closer bond between people who care about each other. Jokes are made to cheer a friend who may be feeling down. All of these things go along with a happy and fulfilled life.

In life, there will be times of love and happiness, but also times of sorrow and grief. Surrounding myself with people who have strong goals and values is an important step toward a happy life. I understand that life isn't always fair, and its not always good, but that is where true friends and family come in. To pick me up when I'm down, and to give me a reality check when one is due. People who can help me through the rough times and add enjoyment to the fun times are the type of people I hope to have in my life.

I hope to have a good job. One that will be challenging and interesting. One that will in some way help other people. I am sure that a vocation that I enjoy will go far in helping me to be a happy and fulfilled person.

I believe that health is another important thing that keeps people happy in life. I hope to remain a healthy person. Eating well and exercising avoiding things that will be harmful to me are ways I plan to keep my life happy and fulfilling.

All money really is, is a way to buy material things.

Sure, it's important, but not close to how important the people we love are. They are where real happiness comes from, not from little green pieces of paper. Happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting