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While only living a short while on this enormos planet, I have learned at least one thing that gets me through each day with a big gleaming smile. Life is what you make of it! I know at certain times and through various circumstances this outlook is hard to understand, yet I tell you in my life this one saying definately rings true.

Everyday I have an opportunity to become a better person. Through edjucation, wheither that is in or out of the classroom, I absorb a wealth of useful knowledge to apply to my life. In my personal relationships that are established or are still building, I have so much to share and people to share with me. It is very important to enjoy lifes granduer, and sometimes less recognized tresures as well. In my experiences with good old mother nature I have felt such sweet bliss. Over mountains, across the oceans, on top of the largest of rivers I have seen the simple sweet grandure of life.

My being here on earth is an adventure that I can't stop. Around every corner lies another possibility to learn live and experience new begainings.

May my God lead me to every corner of this earth and keep me in his heart.