The Life of Albert Einstein

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On the morning of March 14 in the year of 1879 the world was purely unaware that a baby was born in the small town of Ulm towards the south of Germany. This baby was to grow up to become one of the greatest scientists in the field of physics and was to revolutionize the way we understand the universe today. His name was Albert Einstein and he was born as a precious gift to mother Pauline-Knock from a family of wealth and father Herman Einstein, an engineer. Herman had started an engineering business the previous year before the arrival of Albert. This business later failed one year after Albert's birth so the family was forced to move to Munich, where Albert's sister was born; Maja. At the tender age of five Albert commenced the attendance of his first primary school. Although his parents were Jewish and had been raising Albert in the same religious traditions, he attended a Christian school as it was quite close to the family home.

Soon after the start of his education he started to learn how to play the violin and became a very good amateur player.

During Albert's primary schooling he was a very average and quiet child, there was very little distinguishing him as a future leader of mankind as he was a late learner to walk and didn't speak fluently until he was nine years old, his teachers at his primary school thought he had a mental disorder. Albert was not happy at all with the rules and regulations of the school and made a good habit of disobeying them quite often. He hadn’t begun with science, but with religion. He studied the Bible seeking the truth, but this desire to search the truth within religion soon died when he discovered...