The life and contributions of Henry III portarayed through "The Magnificent Century" By Thomas B. Costain

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The Magnificent Century is the story of Henry III. The 13th century required a powerful king and inspirational leader, Henry was neither. His life was filled with passion, and the hope of a powerful England. Henry always had the best intentions in mind, although they were not always fulfilled. He cared for his country with an enthusiasm like no other. We will never know why Henry was such a horrible king but there are many possibilities. It could have been the early death of his father (whatever ever effect John might have had!). It could have been the dire straits England was experiencing during his reign. The possibilities are endless.

Our story starts with the death of John. The country was in the middle of a detrimental civil war. John's death just increased the feud. The French king, Louis, wanted England for himself. England needed somebody to take charge and Henry was only nine years old.

William the Marshal was needed. Although William was old he still had the heart of a warrior. He finally agreed to take command in exchange for forgiveness of all his sins. He served England with bravery matched by no other. With many ingenious decisions he kept England standing against all their foes. The Marshal saved England in all its glory.

During the war with France, Henry was to be watched over by Peter Des Roches, a bishop, until he was at an age suitable of being a worthy ruler. In the few years after the Marshal passed on, Hubert de Burgh came in to power. England was accumulating its debt to many places, the greatest being owed to the Vatican. Each year Rome took huge amounts of money from the kingdoms, and England was not able to pay. Hubert ruled wisely and for...