The life and death of The Doctor

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Personal Heroes and Heroic Qualities

Out amongst the stars, in the enormity of space, you can feel the universe no matter the time or the place. A Time Lord is what he is in the inside, but if you really do see him you'll know who he is. He's a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey the constellation-kasterborous, he's 1203 years old and he's the man who has saved the universe countless times. He's The Doctor. "Demons run, when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies. Night will fall and the dark will rise, when a good man goes to war", a wise man (The Doctor) once said. One question everybody asks. How is The Doctor so awesome, angry, and wise in one form of a person?

The Doctor is awesome for many reasons.

He is a Time Lord from the uninhibited planet Gallifrey whom has two hearts. He carries a sonic screwdriver and travels through time and space with a blue box called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). He also regenerates into different incarnations, which by the way doesn't change his personality but only his appearance. The Doctor has already incarnated into eleven different bodies that have all flied different looking TARDIS's. The TARDIS looks like a 1950's police box, but it's bigger on the inside and smaller from the outside, with over one hundred rooms inside. Also every time he incarnates his TARDIS refurbishes and gives a new sonic screwdriver. The sonic screwdriver is a multipurpose tool and defense mechanism that can control anything metal or electronic but is ineffective to wood. The Sonic Screwdriver was considered to be very advanced Gallifrey technology.

The Eleventh Doctor is truly the most absurd yet raggedy Doctor so far. He makes the most random jokes like, "Bow ties are cool", or "It's a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." He also has this irritating yet endearing sarcasm that will make you enjoy and find irresistible, not only as an actor but also as The Doctor. He has this bizarre looking walk where he walks from side-to-side and bends his knees all the way up to his waist. He looks so scruffy to the extend that he actually looks pretty good, with his bow tie and tweed coat.

Amongst his funny and good side, he also has a pretty dark side. He's dark side is revealed only around his greatest enemies, who are known as the Daleks. The Daleks were the mutated children of the Kaleds of the planet Skaro. They fought The Doctor in the Last Great Time War, ending in the close to the defeat of both races. Regarded by the Doctor as his greatest enemy, the Daleks were hated and feared throughout time and space. The Daleks had destroyed the Time Lords leaving The Doctor as the last of his kind and as of the Daleks, they were not entirely defeated because many Daleks had tried to destroy the universe after the Last Great Time War. The Daleks had never succeeded because of the lack of success of The Doctor. Another thing that would unleash The Doctors' dark side was the unfaithful Weeping Angels. The Weeping Angels were a species of quantum-locked humanoids from the early universe. They were known for being murderous psychopaths killing their victims by dropping them into the past, and letting them live to death. The Angels were known to kill by other reasons, such as snapping their victims' necks. The Weeping Angels and the Daleks were the only two things that could physically and mentally release The Doctors dark side.

The Doctor is a man of action in so many ways. Like the time he saved the universe from the exploding TARDIS (Big Bang two), or when the Daleks took over the universe and stole 25 planets from the whole solar system (the stolen earth).Whilst The Doctor is in action he loves to run, he usually shouts out "Geronimo" meaning someone running and to yell something when he jumped or ran fast. Along with every good action come faithful friends and loved ones dying (Astrid Peth, Jenny, Mrs. Moore, Lynda Moss, and much more). They always died with dignity and pride and always no matter what died in the name of The Doctor. That's the true reason he wins every battle, he feels vulnerable and angry and then that's when the true action starts, only when The Doctor is truly angry

The Doctor is the most lively television fiction actor anyway could possibly know. He's brilliant, smart, engaging, and very interesting, it's not like every day you see a mad man in a flying blue box. Most people disagreed with The Eleventh Doctor after the 2 minutes he had in the episode "End of Time" because for a fact he looked scruffy, but not the good kind of scruffy, the scruffy where you look mad and dull and thick. People weren't to judge so soon because he turned out to be an amazing actor and so very live-like. The Eleventh Doctor is the true reason why Whovians (Doctor Who fans) still watch Doctor Who. He's different, eccentric, and abnormal and most people know for a fact that he is and always will be the greatest man who ever lived. He's The Doctor!