Life And Death In Greentown

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May 20 1999 English Essay Life and Death in Greentown Life and death in Greentown was no that different compared to modern times. In Greentown people did think a lot about life and death. Well, most people did not take it for granted. They actually thought about it. Greentown was a town that people understood each other. Some people were not scared to die. Some people did not think that they would die by walking alone in the dark midnight by them. Some people did not understand what it would feel like to die or just could not think of it.

Doug was a kind of character that was smart and intelligent inside but could not deal with something's. He was a very nice well-rounded kid but there were things that frightened him. The most basic topic that was hard for him to discuss or even describe was death and that the fact that everyone would have to die and no longer exist someday.

When the topic came up Doug could not respond it was one of those things that he would just like to forget about. He could not even express how he felt about death. He could not express mentally or physically his feelings. He was so scared and frightened that everyone would have to die one way or another that he just could not picture.

If I were in his shoes I would feel the same; it would be very hard to see my best friends die. He questioned also why does everyone have to die. A lot of these questions came up when Col. Freeligh died. Another important factor that contributed to Doug's thinking and feelings was his age. Doug was pretty young; he did not know that much about the world as compared to adults. I am pretty sure that Doug would not have thought this way if he was 16 or above. Doug was kind of like a toddler he knew the bases and had a good foundation but was missing one of the building blocks to climb higher.

For Elizabeth Ramsell death was not that big of a deal until it happened to her. Elizabeth thought that she would be 100 % safe if she walked on a road at midnight in the black sky. Well, she was wrong there is always a risk of danger whereever you go. Even if you are in a vault you never know what can happen. Elizabeth was a kind of character that said that my friend's house could burn down but never mine. I am so special and nothing bad can happen to me. Bad things only happen to other people. She was proven wrong. She got killed because she was so self-centered and so self-absorbed and could not admit that she was not perfect.