The Life and times of Kurt Cobain

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The life and times of Kurt Cobain

Or Kurdt Koabin as he spelled it, was a very Troubled child. At a young age his Parents (Don and Wendy) Divorced, sending Kurt Into a state ofremores against both parents. He Lived back and forth with his parents for years and sometimes with his relatives and friends. He turned to drugs at the start of his teens as a way to "leave everything that sucks behind". His first musical instrument was a snare drum, His parents say that he played it non stop after he got home from school, He was known to walk up and down his street banging this drum. The tiem Kurt spent living with his father, he was pamperd with all that his dad could aford to buy him. In time his drum collection turned into a whole drum set. After a while heis father Bought a Cheap electric guitar for kurt from his friend who played in a local band.

He also aranged for kurt to take lessons, witch he did for several months. Kurt eventualy Got jobs as a night janitor with local bussines's.

Kurt started a band witch would eventualy become Nirvana, it had 3 members. His influences where the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and many more. Kurt spent a year or two of his late teens/earily 20's living with friends in apartments. He wrote music when he wasnt working and when he wasnt writing music he was doing LSD or smoking weed.

After several months Kurt had writen enough songs to make an album, so he scraped together funds to pay for recording time.

He Spent 6 hours recording his songs and mastering them, after the cd was made, he sent copys to radio stations to try and get air time. He finaly...