The life and Times of Poet & Novelist Langston Hughes

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James Mercer Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin, Missouri. Langston Hughes was a writer and not just the poet but he wrote two novels, autobiography, much African American poetry, plays and many children's books. But his main focus his whole life was writing poetry. All his famous poetries were about the African Americans rights and they were very influential. His poetry career started at the age of thirteen when he had to write a poem and read it in front of his class in the Lincoln Illinois grammar school (Bloom). Than Langston Hughes moved to Cleveland, Ohio with his mother and stepfather. Than he went to city's Central high school where Hughes really got in to poetry. Than after high school graduation Langston had his real publication of his poem in the National Association for the Advancement of the colored people (NAACP) (Bloom).

Langston Hughes started writing about the African American equal rights.

One of his first publications was the "The Negro Speaks Of Rivers" (Dyson). At the age of nineteen Langston Hughes became a real strong voice in the society and he came out with powerful and impact poems like "Beggar Boy," "Negro" and " Mother to Son" to name a few. After his booming start Langston Hughes became real popular in the African American society. The jazz and the blues inspired Langston when he moved to New York City to go to Columbia University (Bloom). To move to New York City was the biggest change in Langston Hughes life because he got involved in the Harlem Renaissance. Langston soon after him moving to New York City became a big part of the Harlem Renaissance and explored the Harlem nightlife, which impacted his poems. One of the poems he wrote during those times was "The...