This is is about the life and work of Ghandi from a Christian response.

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As Christians, we are called to follow the life of Jesus Christ and do as he did. In doing

so, we should give up all luxuries that are not necessary, treat our enemies and friends

alike, and devote our lives to helping those less fortunate than us. While many of us may

make an attempt to do this, rarely if ever do we see someone who did this in the way that

Gandhi did. The surprising thing about it, though, is that Gandhi never considered

himself a follower of Jesus. While he credited Jesus as a contributor to his beliefs and

practices, he never became a practicing Christian. Instead, he took the actions that would

be considered ideal for a Christian, and applied them to his Hindu religion.

Gandhi lived his life according to how Jesus would have in more devoted way

than any Christian has since his time. According to the Mahatma Gandhi article, there

are several examples of how Gandhi did this.

First of all, Gandhi was a strong believer in

the idea of showing love for your enemy. This love for his enemies was clear when

Gandhi would willingly accept beatings from his enemies with clubs. He would never

retaliate in any way, would encourage his fellow Indians to take the same beatings, and

then encourage them to pray for those who had beaten them. Gandhi's response to the

dropping of the atomic bomb also showed how much he loved his enemies. He told

Indians that if an atomic bomb were ever dropped on India, that they should look up at

the bomb without fear and pray for the pilot who had deployed the bomb. Gandhi's love

for his enemies was also seen when he turned the other cheek to the hooligans that had

harassed him when...