The Life and Works of E.B White

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I.Introduction Born as Elwyn Brooks White, E.B White was amongst the leading American literary stylist and essayist during his time. His stories have an array from satire to children’s stories. He was an ironic onlooker when it comes to writing but also showed his sensitivity as a spokesman when it comes to an individual’s freedom. He wrote a lot of essays and stories that capture the hearts of different genres.

E.B. White once said that he was born on a lucky day, seven and eleven being lucky numbers (Elledge 10), but his life and works transcended over whatever luck that day might have brought, he became a principal American essayist, humorist and a stylist of literature. With a clear and graceful style he authored among others, through his vast range of writing abilities, children’s books Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web and the Trumpet of the Swan, which became classics in their own right.

II.Body A.Biographical sketch He was born in the city of Mount Vernon in New York in the 11th of July 1899, to parents Samuel White and Jessie Hart White. He was the youngest in a large family that consist of two sisters and three brothers and that he was lucky in the sense that he was born at a time that his father was beginning to prosper (Elledge 12). His father, Samuel had quit school at a young age of 13 went to work at a piano firm in Manhattan, where learning other skills, he eventually improved his stature in life and prospered.

In 1904, E.B. White was enrolled as a kindergarten in Public School 2 where he stayed until the eight grade. At 12 years of age, he wrote his first story “A Winter Walk” which was published by St. Nicolas Magazine in its June 1911...