Life in Antarctica.

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Imagine temperatures so cold that skin freezes instantly or wind so strong that if you were to hold onto a stop sign, your feet would leave the ground. These are temperature extremes and wind speeds that can occur in Antarctica. While we will not experience such extreme conditions we have to prepare for the worst. To protect ourselves from frostbite and hypothermia caused by exposure to cold temperatures, we are dressed appropriately.

Each night to make sure nothing including ourselves blows away we secure everything by attaching our equipment together and staking it to the ground. If we encounter bad weather or extremely high winds during the day we stop and make camp immediately to protect ourselves from harm.

But still if you catch it on a good day it can be magnificent although few still many more animals and sea life than anyone could imagine in such a hostile environment.

There are whales, seals many types of fish and even petrels (a bird).

Although Antarctica is such a cold and barren area there is still a place to receive some comfort in this frozen place of nothing and it is known as the Mawson Station or Lego Land. It is called Lego land because it looks like the buildings are made of different coloured Lego pieces that stand out from the pure white of the ice.

Because we scientist are sent out and are not to come back for the year, we must keep ourselves from going mad. The activities and traditions sound reasonable to start but are a worry as you go down the list. Things like darts, golf, drinking, singing, talking to loved ones, becoming intoxicated, writing a play, swimming outside, become influenced by alcohol, acting the play, cross dressing and consuming more alcohol the list...