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Response-"Life is Beautiful" The movie, "Life is Beautiful", was an innovative and realistic film. It demonstrated many serious issues and aspects of life. Prior to viewing the film, I was not looking forward to watching it. I thought it would be very boring and more of a film that adults would enjoy. As soon as the film started, it was enjoyable. It got my attention right away because of the humorous atmosphere that the characters created.

The emotions that I experienced during the film changed periodically. In the beginning, it was humorous because of the plot and script. Then something serious would happen, and my mood would change from happy to sad/angry. It made me angry and amused at the same time when they would talk about the discrimination against the Jews that went on. I was angry as this was unfair, yet the way that it was dealt with was quite humorous.

It made the situation seem more comical then serious and sad.

The little boy in the film, Guido's son, moved me so much because he was so young and did not understand what was going on when they went to the concentration camps. It was sad and funny how Guido pretended to his son that it was all a game. The reactions of the little boy to different situations were very moving.

One part in the film that I felt great happiness was at the end, when all hopes were gone of the little boy seeing his mother again, he jumps off the tank and sees his mother sitting on the hill with the other women. This was such a happy scene because it made me feel so good for him and his mother to be together again.

This movie was very realistic as it dealt with the horrors and miserable aspects that people had to go through during this time period. The characters reactions to their problems were similar to those one would have in real life situations. The way they dealt with the events going on around them and the way they responded to situations in their lives that were beyond their control. I think that the setting, etc helped make this film so much more believable to the audience because of it's realism. This produced a great deal of pity towards the people that had to live in these camps.

"Life is Beautiful" takes the viewer through a journey back in time of happiness, sadness, anger and pity all in one film. It is so life-like that it makes you understand and feel the same way some of these people felt during this time. It gives you a better understanding of what they went through, and how they dealt with it.