life in becoming a pediatric nurse

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4 June 2011

Life in Becoming a Pediatric Nurse

Children are the future and keeping them healthy is a very important step as they become adults later in life. The Pediatric Nurse plays a special role in the lives of infants, and adolescents. These specialized nurses usually complete advanced training in pediatrics and work together closely with physicians and other health care providers who share their dedication to children's health.

Pediatric Nurses devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children of all ages. They provide a great amount of help to the doctors they come across every day, assisting them in procedures, testing, and diagnosing the patients. Like other nurses, pediatric nurses can perform physical examinations, measure vital statistics, take blood, urine samples and order diagnostic tests. With advanced training these nurses can understand test results and are able to form diagnoses as well as developing treatment plans.

A pediatric nurse knows how to talk to children and are able to chase away all their fears. "Children are often afraid to go to the doctor, so the pediatric nurse must be able to dispel that fear and quickly earn the child's trust."(California Career Zone pg.2) They also help families cope with illnesses and educate them on how to protect their child's health. Pediatric nurses work in doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers and other health care settings. They work a 9-to-5 shift and if required they must work nights and weekends. Pediatric nurses earn $48,000 to $68,000 a year and experienced pediatric nurses earn $100,000 a year or more. The job outlook is excellent and is increasing every year.

Education, dedication, and commitment is very important to becoming a pediatric nurse. Pediatric Nurses must first get certification as a registered nurse. After graduating from a four...