The life of buddha.

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The Life of Buddha by K.E. Sullivan

My short story was "The Life of Buddha" by K.E. Sullivan. Folklore is a term for the verbal, spiritual, and material aspects of any culture that are transmitted orally, by observation, or by imitation. People sharing a culture may have in common an occupation, language, ethnicity, age, or geographical location. This body of traditional material is preserved and passed on from generation to generation, with constant variations shaped by memory, immediate need or purpose, and degree of individual talent. The word folklore was coined in 1846 by the English antiquary William John Thoms to replace the term popular antiquities.

There are many myths that set out the birth of Buddha. Queen Maya remembers a dream that she saw a white elephant flying down from heaven and how the moon itself fell into her lap. It was a ball of pure, white light.

When this occurred she believed the birth occurred, the birth of Buddha was thrust from her side. This was considered the birth of this new religion.

This story tells the life story of a guy name "Prince Guatama". He was born into great luxury. He was trained in every sport, which made him become an expert in all kinds of martial skills. He was well versed in the arts, ad he married, at a very early age, Yasodhara, who he won in a contest at the age of sixteen. It was not long after this marriage that they had a son together, who was named Rahula. He lived the life of a normal Indian Ruler. As he walked around his land he noticed many things wrong. He saw poor people starving to death and other disturbing things. By this he decided to leave his palaces and all the...