Life as a Button

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From this day, my life as a button has entered the real world. It all started when my previous owner lost me to a shirt and I was placed in a spare clean wrap bag full of other buttons. Some varied from colours and sizes. As each day goes by, the bag became bigger and heavier. Moving around in this bag wasn't too easy because as I move from left to right I was felt by a fellow button everywhere I went. We were then placed n a box.

I was now in a place of darkness, the only thing I could hear was screaming voices of escape from other buttons. Moments later a bright like was shone beyond my eyes and I was blinded from the brightness for a second. As my regain my eye sight in the corner of my eyes I saw a big black shadow, it was the house owner walking towards the box.

As moments passed myself and fellow buttons were move to a place unknown.

We moved from places to places finding the right shop for us to stay in. it wasn't until we drove past a store called, "Dan Lost Will" and from that point onwards, we knew that was the store. Before I knew it my fellow's buttons and I were in t store looking at old grannies sowing after their unfinished quilts. My life freedom as a button was now determine by the next person that walks in this store, not knowing if they were going to buy us or not was breathe taking to see.

Then a young lady not much older then our previous house owner entered the store. From the looks of things she had visit the plastic doctor one to many time, she had long...