Life Of A Chair In 10 Years Time

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Slouched on the chill leather of a discarded rotting sofa, I sat waiting in the abandoned tip. Flashes of light shone through the cracks in the fence from passing streetcars, creating vivid dancing shadows from the dejected furniture surrounding me. This has been my routine for quite some time now, living in a tip there's not much possibility of finding any better entertainment. But as I gazed at the ecstatic light show for the last time tonight I started to wonder about my life and the choices that have been decided for me. I used a live a small life, a valuable but small life. Where I was cared for, where people rarely showed appreciation to me but it didn't matter, because I loved it; well besides those times people stuck old chewing gum on me. Sure, there were those bad days where everything went wrong, but I'm sure everyone has them.

And like I said, I loved my life.

It all started a few years ago, back then I had the perfect job, everything I wanted and social status in the classroom. My days where spent in the same room and occasionally I was needed for important things, things that not many others saw, like special morning tea occasions or interstate visitors to the school. When things like this needed to be done I was always there to lend a helping seat or chair. A few times I even had the school principle in my presence telling me where I should go for parent/teacher interview night. (This is where all the teachers talk to the student's parents about how they're going, and their attitudes in the classroom) I think that was one of the finest moments in my days at school. Year after year I was the...