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Events and experiences are constantly changing our lives, sometimes profoundly. One such profound experience for me was being a part of my school's Student Government, which taught me how much effort one needs to put into things to make them successful. I have also learned that people can put tremendous amounts of energy into things that others might consider simple, easy and practically effortless.

Most people don't really appreciate things until they have to do them.

For example, I didn't appreciate Pajama Day until I had to plan it. To plan Pajama Day took enormous amounts of time and effort. First, I needed to select a date and then check with the teachers to make sure that day was okay. Afterwards, I needed to make posters and make daily announcements so people knew about the event. Also, since I wanted to have prizes for the "Best Pajamas", I had to buy them.

But before I could buy the prizes, I had to raise the money. Given all the effort that I put into a simple event such as Pajama Day, I can now appreciate how much effort needs to go into passing a law or developing a vaccine.

As a member of Student Government, I also have had experience in planning larger events such as dances. I have arranged for DJs at every dance at my school since I was in seventh grade. I would call the DJ and formally introduce myself, giving all the necessary details about my school's dance. Furthermore, I would negotiate the contract and sign it on behalf of the school. Arranging DJs was a very good experience for me because it improved my negotiation and interviewing skills, and also further opened my eyes to the effort that goes into things in general.

In hindsight, arranging DJs for school dances really gave me a new outlook on life; I became more appreciative of the sacrifices and effort required by everyday occurrences. For example, I started noticing how much time our teachers put into our lessons. Our English teacher gives us handouts on correction marks, proper comma usage and other important topics. Many people show no respect for the effort by leaving the handouts behind, throwing them away or just not using them. Our teachers put so much effort into everything that we use at school. They create each test and then have to correct all the finished ones. I now realize how much effort our teachers put into every little thing, sacrificing their time to help us learn and become better people.

Over the course of my "career" in Student Government, I have slowly changed and developed a greater appreciation for the sacrifices people make for each other. This greater appreciation I now feel is one reason for my desire for greater independence. Independence is one way of lessening the sacrifices of others. Although independence is important, humans cannot exist without each other. We need relationships and companionship. We are dependent upon each other and yet, we are extremely independent. I do my own laundry, I do my homework on my own, and I take care of myself. But I am dependent on my family and friends. My family and friends aren't required to care for me and love me, but they still do. I now realize every sacrifice they make for me and I am grateful for that.

To a large degree, change is what life is all about. The events and experiences that you go through are the tools that chisel your character and personality. Even in the short 14 years that have been on this Earth, I have changed enormously. When I first joined Student Government, I was a rowdy and ungrateful 6th grader. Over the three years of service for my middle school community, my eyes have slowly opened up to the sacrifices people make for each other. Today, I have a greater appreciation for the sacrifices and efforts people all around the world make.