Life of Charlemagne

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In Einhard’s biography of Charlemagne, Life of Charlemagne, Einhard gives us a description of the emperor Charlemagne and the time that he lived in. Einhard was a close friend and advisor to Charlemagne, and knew much about the emperor. Insights into Charlemagne’s character and role as a king were part of this biography. Insights into general Frankish society such as government and religion are also included in this biography.

Charlemagne himself was a kind yet also a strong king. He sought to expand his kingdom during his rule, and was involved in many wars. He planned them carefully and executed them efficiently. He also established friendly relations with many kings and peoples. He secured the favor of many kings, including Scottish kings, who referred to Charles as their master. He was also in very good relation with King Harun of Persia. This king was on such friendly terms with Charles that he preferred Charles’s friendship to all other kings at the time.

At one time he gave Charles jurisdiction over holy lands in his empire. He even gave Charles his own elephant after it was requested by Charles. Charlemagne was well respected among many rulers of his time.

He was also quite a generous ruler. He was very interested in helping the poor. Not only did he help the poor in his kingdom, but also wherever he heard of Christians living in poverty. He built relationships with rulers of other lands so that he could help the less fortunate Christians that lived there. He also endowed many gifts unto the Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Peter in Rome. He tried to restore the city of Rome, and enriched many of the churches in the city.

Charles himself had many roles as a king. He was a leader of the...