Life during the cold war

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Brandy Poliakoff

Dr. Chaturvedi

After World War Two the United States was the only country not directly affected by the destruction the war had caused. In Europe the economic structure and infrastructure were totally destroyed by the German armies. Europe was in shambles. The United States in the other hand was prospering. The war had created jobs and the country was able to build on this boost to raise itself up to a super power on the world stage. In the time directly following the war another country was emerging as a super power, Russia. Russia and the United States were polar opposites. Russia was a Communist State and the United States was Capitalist. These two powers immediately became "enemies". There was a fear that Russia would try to spread Communism around the world, therefore thwarting the United States power in an economically driven world. During this time, which is known as the Cold War, the United States had to convince its people of the threat of Communism to their livelihood.

Though the country was prospering, there was a need to create in an anxiety among the people. A fear needed to be built into their everyday lives of the threat of Communism.

During the Cold War, the United States was on the rise. Economically, the war had taken the U.S. out of a severe depression. Many who were jobless before found themselves working and making money. The decline in unemployment in the country allowed for the emergence of a new middle class. With this new middle class came the baby boom. The baby boom was a time when the country had a rise in marriage; therefore there was a rise in children being born. With the booming economy, babies booming, there was a call for people to...