Life is Full of Surprises

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Life has many surprises, some of them are good and others are bad.You can have many different types of surprises. You can have them from your friends, your parents, a stranger, people from home, and even nature. This is about some surprises Huckleberry Finn had in the book written by Mark Twain.

First of all, the surprises that Huck received from home. After his father abandons him Huck Finn stays with an elderly widow. The widow takes very good care of Huck and teaches him the manners that he never had. After Huck find a big load of money which he tries to give to a judge. The judge said he would not take the money from Huck. Instead he would "buy" the money from him. Huck agrees and from then on out receives one dollar per day. Later Huck becomes really good friends with the widows slave Jim.

Secondly, the surprises Huck received from his father. Huck is going somewhere and notices footprints that could only be matched by his father who has a record for beating Huck. Huck's father is a major alcoholic and beats Huck. His father gets custody of him and forces him to live in a little shanty in the middle of the woods by a small river. Huck later kills a pig to fake a kidnapping to escape his father's brutal beatings. That is when he meets Jim again.

Thirdly, Huck had many surprises from and with his friends. Huck meets Jim and although they are strangers the keep each other company throughout the book. Huck and Jim discover that they are both runaways and help each other out. Huck and Jim find a raft and go down a river to escape their pasts. As the book progresses the different races of Huck...