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Alien Analysis

Jacob Hisey

September 9, 2014


I am Groot sent from Botanica to study the alien specimens of planet Earth. The creatures of earth are very different than us Botanicans. Many of these Alpha creatures have 10 fingers where as we only have 6. The larger creatures do not seem to utilize an exoskeleton such as that to ours, rather some of them utilize a pasty fleshy skin while others utilize a dark brown exterior. Do these differences in exterior color represent their status as a creature? The pasty ones appear to be majority leaders while the one they refer to as their "President" utilizes the darker exterior. These creatures also behave quite strangely. They seem to be very barbaric at times. Fighting over a mere scrap of food and the larger of the two usually scaring the other off. On our planet we share with everyone.

The larger of the two species, which I have decided to call the Humans, carry around with them what appear to be small green rectangular sheets of paper. The humans use these sheets to trade for other items. These green sheets must be very valuable to them. The humans travel from sectors in these machines they call cars which appear very primitive to our massive transport ships. Their living conditions also appear extreme compared to our tree caves. The humans wielding larger amounts of the green rectangular paper live in massive "Houses" with many empty rooms while the humans with less green rectangles live in dumpster like homes. The humans also have little versions of themselves that go to a place called "school" these little humans appear very rowdy and irritable, no wonder some of them live in a home with other little humans and no larger humans to control...