The Life of Hemingway.

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The Life of Hemingway

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. He went to public school in Oak Park. In high school he wrote for his school newspaper. In 1917 he graduated from high school and, instead of following what his parents expected he didn't go to college, but went to work for the Kansas City Star, a newspaper.

When he graduated World War I was going on in Europe. Hemmingway volunteered as an ambulance diver for the Red Cross. On July 8, 1918 fragments from a mortar shell injured him. He then carried an injured Italian soldier back to an aid station, even though e had 100's of pieces of metal lodged in his legs. Along the way several machine gun bullets hit his legs. This bravery earned him the Italian Silver Medal for Valor.

In 1920 he moved in with a friend in Chicago.

He then fell in love with and soon married Hadley Richardson, in 1921. In December of the same year he and his wife moved to Paris. On October 10, 1923, his son, John Hicanor Hemingway was born in Toronto, Canada. The family soon moved back to Paris.

In 1927 he divorced his wife and married Pauline Pfeiffer. In 1928 Hemingway and his wife moved to Key West Florida.

On June 28, 1928 Pauline gave birth to Hemingway's second son Patrick. Three years later Pauline had, their second son together, Gregory, he would be Hemingway's last son.

In March of 1937 Hemingway went to Spain to cover the Spanish Civil War. This caused marital problems for him. He had met a young writer named Martha Gellhorn in Key West which he had a four year affair with before finally divorcing Pauline and marrying Martha. Pauline and Hemingway supported...