Life in High School

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Introduction:"Oh my god, did you, like, hear about what Carry and Stan did together, like, last Sunday, at like, Stephanie's house?""Like, no! Tell me!""Oh my gosh, they like totally, like, made out!""No way!""Yes way! And Carry's like already going out with Frank!""Well, no, I heard that Carry was like planning to dump him on school on Sunday, so I guess she, like, figured Frank would, like, not find out about making out with Stan, so like Carry and Stan could get together once Carry and Frank, like, broke up!""Oh my god! Oh my god! But Carry and Frank have been going out for, like, ever!""I know! This is, like, wow!"If you were able to understand what was happening above, consider yourself officially diagnosed as a teenager. If not able to follow the event that just occurred, I will explain. Carry and Stan, at Stephanie's party, made out, most likely meaning they held hands.

Carry is cheating on her boyfriend, Frank, whom she has been going out with for a week or so. Carry decided to hold hands at the party with Stan most likely because she had eyes on Stan all along and was just waiting for the right moment to snag him. Carry figures her boyfriend, Frank, won't hear about her making out with Stan until Monday, the day she was planning to dump Frank on anyway. Sound confusing? Welcome to my life.

Middle School, a place where like must be inserted into every sentence at least twice, a place of the unspeakable horrors called gym uniforms and lockers. A living nightmare. Or is it?In this rant, we will cover the various things that we students consider life.

Topic One- Labels:A common list of terms used to describe an individual, basically putting them into a box so it...