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Adolf Hitler

(April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945)

Early Life

April 20, 1889 Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria

Parents were Alois (1837-1903) and Klara (1860-1908) Hitler

Only one sibling survived childhood, Paula (1896-1960). Four siblings died in childhood: Gustav (1885-1887), Ida (1886-1888), Otto (1887), Edmund (1894-1900).

One step-brother, Alois (b. 1882) and one step-sister, Angela (1883-1949) both from father's previous marriage.

Known as "Adi" in youth

Hitler's ancestry

June 25, 1895 Hitler's father (Alois) retired

February 1900 brother (Edmund) died

September 1900 to 1904 student at the Linz Realschule

January 3, 1903 father died

September 14, 1903 half-sister (Angela) married Leo Raubal

1904 to 1905 student at the Steyr Realschule

October 1907 took entrance exam for Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (rejected)

October 1908 applied to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for the second time (not even admitted to test)

December 21, 1908 Hitler's mother (Klara) dies of breast cancer

1909 lives in Vienna at flophouses and hostels for four years

May 1913 leaves Vienna and moves to Munich, Germany

World War I

August 3, 1914 petitioned King Ludwig III of Bavaria for permission to join in a Bavarian regiment (granted)

December 1914 awarded the Iron Cross, Second Class

October 7, 1916 wounded in combat (grenade splinter in leg)

August 4, 1918 awarded the Iron Cross, First Class

October 13, 1918 temporary blindness caused by gas attack

While at the hospital recuperating his eyes, he heard the news about the end of the First World War.

End of WWI to 1933

Became a Bildungsoffizier (educational officer) for the German Army

September 1919 ordered to investigate the German Workers' Party (Deutscher Arbeiterpartei)

February 24, 1920 announced the Twenty-Five Points program

November 9, 1923 the Beer Hall Putsch (unsuccessful)

February 26, 1924 the beginning of the treason...