The Life of a Homosexual

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How are Asian Americans treated in the Asian-American community when they are known to be homosexuals? Are they treated the same as everyone else? Or are they treated as the outcasts of the society? Most people, including other races other than Asian Americans, find it hard to accept the homosexuals, especially during the teen years of one's life. The teen years of a homosexual can often times be very difficult in general because of the stereotypes they are dealt with everyday. It may turn out to be more than they can deal with. Parents may throw them out of their own homes or even disown their own teenage child. High school life may also be taunting and unsafe. The feeling of not being accepted by their loved ones or friends may lead to one solution, suicide. A homosexual teen may feel that it is the only way that will solve their problems.

We frequently wonder about how homosexuals become who they are today. A person who finds themselves with a homosexual orientation as a result of the interplay of several factors including; heredity, prenatal influence, and environmental factors such as childhood trauma or being brought up and pampered by the opposite sex.

A homosexual teen usually finds it hard to be accepted in schools and families. Their fellow schoolmates do not accept them for who they are. Instead, they are being taunted and harassed everyday. Gay teens are addressed with names such as; "fag" "queer" and "dyke." Many times they are beaten up verbally, mentally, or even physically. Since schools rarely have group organizations for gay students to go to for help, gay teens feel that there is no one to turn to for their problems. Their parents are usually unaware of what their children are going through. For a...