Life of IBN Battuta.

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Ibn Battuta was born in 1304 in Tangier, Morocco(Mckay.p.265). He was brought up as a Muslim. One thing that Muslims believed in was going on a pilgrimage, called a hajj, to the city of Mecca. When he was 21 years old, Ibn Battuta decided that it was time for his first pilgrimage. He set out for Mecca. Along the way he joined a group of other travelers for safety.

Ibn Battuta was a famous Muslim travelor who visited many different places more than 500 years ago. For 29 years he journeyed through much of the Dar al-Islam, or the World of Islam. On his travels he met nearly every Muslim leader who ruled at that time. Traveling then was often slow and very dangerous. However, it is believed that Ibn Battuta traveled more than 75,000 miles. His many trips were recorded in a book titled Rihla, or My Travels.(Travels.

Ibn Battutas' parents were Muslim scholars who studied religion law. As a young boy, Ibn also studied religious law ( At the age of 21, he left Tangier and began to travel alone. His first trip was a haji, or a religious pilgrimage, to the Islamic holy city of Mecca, what is known called Saudi Arabia. On his journey to Mecca, he passed through North Africa and visited Egypt. Ibn also visited the city of Damascus, known as Syria today and the city of Jerusalem, better known as Israel today. After he reached Mecca he performed his religious duties and stayed there for a few weeks visiting holy sites and studying with Islamic scholars. Instead of heading home, he decided to continue traveling and felt that it was the time to vow "never, so far as possible, to cover a second time any road. (Travels.

Beginning in 1326 Ibn journeyed...