Life Interrupted

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Ohh don't you just love when you get that bowl of ice cream and its just the most beautiful thing you ever did see, you have the chocolate sauce oosing all over the dish and you have the wip cream just all over and that beautiful cherry, ohh does it taste soo good. Then you put something away and the cherry is missing! Well that's just like my life, I had all the family to myself and all the sudden my cousins come along and take over! Its not fair, all I knew was being an only child now there all around me and I can never get away. Just like that delicious ice cream that used to be mine but bite by bite it goes away. Every bite I take is like another cousin taking up space, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten , and to top it off eating the wipped cream oh that delicious fluffy sweet desert I oh so dearly love it gone and now I have a brother, life is just not fair.

I got all the attention and I got presents up the wazoo. Now look what I get 10 measely dollars on every holiday, ten dollars what do they expect me to do with it save it! PSSShh. I remember the days when it was just my grampa and I. He'd take me where ever I'd want McDonalds, Chuckie Cheese even to abbots. Now, no no no not any more, now its " we can't its just to expensive. Well fiddlesticks, they can just pay the money!!!