The Life of John D. Rockefeller, SR. Copyright "¶ 1998 by Ron Chernow Random House, Inc. New York, NY A Book Report

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The life of John D. Rockefeller is written by Ron Chernow in 1998. Chernow is a famous writer who is familiar with the character of capitalism in early 20th-century. He has written several books on economic history such as "The House of Morgan" and "The Warburgs" etc, including the recent Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller. This book is not fiction at all, so it doesn't have dialogue, just lots of dense paragraphs and few photos. In this book, he gives excellent details on how Rockefeller became interested in the oil industry. Also, I think this book does a pretty good job of giving a deliberate insight into Rockefeller's true character. It covers the entire life and family of John D. Rockefeller and also covers the public outcries against what he did at the time. But mainly, the author's main point is that John D. Rockefeller used unethical means to acquire his wealth.

John D. Rockefeller, 1839-1937. He was one of the richest Americans in history, and the founder of the Oil Company. Rockefeller had problems with finding a job when he was 16 years old and returned to many businesses three times. Finally he got a job as an assistant bookkeeper in Hewitt & Tuttle. Soon he impressed his employers with his honest and diligence. But at that time, he wasn't well paid. Plus whatever he was paid, he always gave to the church and charities. By 19 years old, he had more responsibilities at Hewitt & Tuttle because he was in charge of arranging transportation deals which was a very complicated job. One day, he started to engage in trading on his own account. At that time, he would never make a deal if he knows it's not going to success. By 20 years old,