"The life to live, the road to take," From Book- "Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" By Mordecai Richler.

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One's life is a personal venture. In a few years of his life Duddy has managed to do more than most people would be able do to in their life time. But however hard he tried to rise above his family and friends all of his attempts failed in disaster. Duddy Kravitz may have thought he was free, but in fact, he was in a family trap that he could not spring. Subconsciously he was still relying on his family members while making the most important decisions of his new life. Some of his family members that have the most significant influence on him would be his father Max, grandfather Simcha and his uncle Benjy.

One of the characters who has a tremendous affect on Duddy would be his father Max. Maxes behavior reflects directly on Duddy. Unfortunately he does not have a lot of good qualities for a son to inherit, but rather a few rather shocking and appealing qualities that stand out among all others.

One of these qualities is his behavior concerning women. He treats them as objects to be used and not as equal human beings that deserve respect. An example of this would be the way he treats a whore he is pimping for named Josette. He treats her forcefully and very rude. "You are hurting me." P.28 she says on night when he is escorting her by the arm out the diner to his car. This has very negative affect on Duddy's future relationships with women. The woman that he is disregarding is his girl friend Yvette. He treats her like something he owns and he expects her to do everything he tells her to.

The person who has the most affect on Duddy would definitely be his grandfather. He directly, although most...