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Personal goals are an issue today that many individuals are faced with who desire to be successful in their life. In fact, we must have personal goals in order to be successful and productive at work, enjoy love and family relationships, and of course, the ever-ambiguous task of living. Most of us accomplish this task by looking to our mentors such as: parental figures, older siblings, supervisors, or even someone famous. The real question should be asked, "What are my goals?"

"What do I want out of life?" I have asked myself these questions repeatedly, and just when I thought I had it figured out, I decided to change my goals to something else. I suppose that is part of life. So far, I have found that setting personal goals is the driving force behind the motivation that pushes us to our accomplishments, provides us with focus and direction, and is key to a successful life.

Career Goals 3

Present Military Status:

I am a Noncommissioned Officer, Sergeant, E-5 in the United States Army. I have been a loyal and dedicated member of the Army and the United States since September of 1993. I am affiliated with the oldest and most prestigious branch of the Army, the Quartermaster Corps. The Quartermaster has a long and detailed history that predates the Continental Army of 1775. My military occupational specialty is an Automated Logistical Specialist, MOS code 92A20. I am currently assigned to the 68th Medical Company, Air Ambulance, on Wheeler Army Airfield in the beautiful setting of Wahiawa, Hawaii. My occupation is to provide spare parts to maintain a ready and operational aircraft, simplistically, I am a parts man. The primary mission of my organization is to provide Medical Assistance to Service and Traffic (MAST). We are contracted by the...