"Life Love and Laughter" by James Vlaun.

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Life, Love and Laughter

by James Vlaun

Life, Love and Laughter is a book of revelation. James Vlaun is looking inside of

himself and sharing his stories to the reader. This book is generally about the author and

his struggle to find what god wanted him to do in his life. It started when he was about

seven, then lead on though his life till present day. The purpose of this book is to show

the reader that it might be tough to understand and to find god, but you must put your

faith in god. In doing that god will help your through the good time and especially the

bad times.

A big important part of the book was the role of the wooden spoon. This spoon

was so important to the author that it showed him a symbol of family, love, life and

laughter. When he went to his family reunion he realize that the spoon was not just any

spoon it was a part of his life.

I found that interesting that when he was in the monastery he meet a friend who

gave him some hints which benefited his life completely. The most important point in

this book is that you have to find who you really are inside. The best way for the Author

to do that was to get away and go where there is no "technology" just the basic

necessities. That setting reminded me of my freshman retreat. In this book I realized that

if a person's helpful hints can change a man's life, that it is possible for me to change a

person's life too. I would recommend this book to a friend of mine because I feel this

book has a lot of wisdom that she can use.