The Life of Malcolm X

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As one of the most controversial elements in the civil rights movement, Malcolm X was born into strong prejudice, where his family, friends and life experiences had a major impact on his life. During his childhood, Malcolm X suffered from domestic violence and abuse by whites. He was a light-complexioned black man because his grandmother was raped by a white man. He resented every drop of the white rapist's blood in him. When Malcolm was only a child, his house was burnt down by the KKK. Shortly after, his father was murdered by them. While serving time in jail for burglary and drug dealing, Malcolm's hatred and anger towards whites only grew stronger. He was introduced to The Nation of Islam by his brother, to mentally escape jail. Malcolm stopped smoking, eating pork and converted to the new religion.

Malcolm X was transformed from a bitter, self destructive petty criminal into an articulate political activist who was raised in an atmosphere of anger, fear and violence.

The Nation of Islam was led by Elijah Mohammed. Malcolm was taught about the white man's control over society and how whites were responsible for discrimination, segregation, and ignorance of the appalling treatment of blacks. He referred to the "whites as devils." As a member and a minister of The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X stood up for what he believed in. He gave speeches and preached about the importance of the black man being the superior race, causing many blacks to convert into the Nation of Islam. After leaving the Nation of Islam in 1964, Malcolm began to lead his own movement towards politics. He discovered that the true religion of Islam excluded racial hatred and was geared more towards racial equality. Malcolm created his organization called Muslim Mosque Inc, which was...