The Life of Max Planck.

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Maxwell Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was quite a famous math professor. Max Planck was born on April 23, 1858 in Keil, Germany. His whole family was very much into academics. Many of his relatives were professors of law or theology. Planck moved to Munich, Germany in 1867. He was not in the top of his class, but he did rather well in school. In 1874, he began schooling at the University of Munich. While there, he studied physics, but his teacher told him that physics did not have potential for further development. He ignored his teacher's comments and continued his work in the field of physics. He believed that physics were the "most sublime scientific pursuit of life." His decision was a wise one.

Planck made a lot of contributions to both physics and quantum theory. His ideas led to some military and industrial changes that affect our modern society today! After completing college at age 21, he received the highest degree possible, a doctorate.

He studied thermodynamics, a part of physics that fascinated him. He was most interested in the distribution of energy according to wavelengths. He wrote a thesis on the second law of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is the study of the relationship between heat and mechanical energy.

In 1880, he became a teacher at the same university that he attended. He developed a formula known today as "Planck's Radiation Formula." The formula is E = hv. E is energy and V is the frequency. This was a result of his studies of thermodynamics and wavelengths. Within just 2 months after he developed this formula, and after he wrote his thesis. He completely renounced it in public. He claimed-

"The whole procedure was an act of despair because a theoretical interpretation had to be found at any price, no...